Sunday School


Childrey Baptist Church offers something for everyone! There are many Sunday School classes that offer a welcoming, fun, and educational environment. Below is a listing of all our classes with a little information to help you decide which one is right for you! Come and join us as we study God's word; we'd love to have you!


MILLENNIUM is a Sunday School Class for young adults/parents and is the newest Sunday School class at Childrey Baptist. This Sunday School class stays active outside of the church and has a monthly event for the group. MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON!

The Friendship Class


Men's 35+ class

Men's 35+ class is for Christian men who want to learn the Bible and how to become a real man of God. MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON

Senior Ladies

The Senior Ladies class is for all Senior adult ladies and is lead by Laura Holt. MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON


Our youth Sunday School class meets downstairs in the new rennovated youth department! It is open to all youth who are in grades 6-12! To find out more, go to the "Youth Minsity" page on our webiste!

Children's Department

The Children's department is for all children and is lead by Sandra Francis. Kids are challenged and educated and have a ton of fun doing it! The Children's department stays very active and is a fun way for your children to learn about the God who loves them! To find our more information, please visit our "Children's Ministry" page on our website!